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ELECTRIFY EXPO Show 2023 With Neil Tjin, Director Of ELECTRIFY SHOWOFF

In Episode 147, Keith And Jay Sit Down With Electrify Expo’s Director Of Electrify SHOWOFF, Neil Tjin (Tjin Edition) To Discuss The Success Of The First Electrify Expo Show Of The 2023 Season In Long Beach California And What We Can Expect While Attending One Of The Upcoming Shows. We Were Lucky To Catch Neil as he was preparing for The Next Show In San Francisco On June 24-25, 2023 To Discuss EVERYTHING ELECTRIFY EXPO SHOWOFF. Neil Is A Legend In The Automotive Industry And Has Been Building Award Winning Custom Vehicles for over two decades such as Hondas, Acuras, Nissans, Infinitis, Scions, Volvos, Chevrolets and Pontiacs. Neil has also teamed up with major OEM manufacturers such as Chevrolet, FORD, Pontiac, Scion and Honda North America. At The SEMA Show In 2022, Neil Displayed His First Customized EV’s, The Mustang MACH E And The All New Ford F150 Lightning EV Proving The Sky Is The Limit. This Caught The Eye Of Many In The EV Industry And Eventually Electrify Expo Asked Neil To Join Them In Taking ELECTRIFICATION CUSTOMIZATION To The Next Level! What Is Electrify SHOWOFF? Electrify Showoff is North America’s largest gathering of customized electric vehicles and brands that make up the movement. This Segment Of The Electrify Expo Is Growing Exponentially and It is the epicenter of EV personalization and the breeding ground for customization trends. When You Attend You Can Expect Electrify Showoff to feature the world’s most radical customized EVs and the goal is to inspire Electrify Expo attendees with ideas of how they can customize their own rides. Customization For EV’s Are Now Limitless. Thanks To Neil Tjin, All You Have To Do Is Watch/Listen To Find Out For Yourself.

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