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Episode 30, Part 1 – Camping World… Hates Me?

We start this podcast with Keith eating two Burger King Whoppers (on the air).  Does the Impossible (plant based) Whopper taste as good as the original?  Can you tell the difference?  Is it any good?  What is Cornhole (the G rated version)?  Sony takes Spiderman out of the Marvel sandbox and goes home to play by themselves.  Another data breach + ransom situation, this time with Asurion.  Steve McQueen’s Bullitt Mustang is going to be auctioned off.  Get out your checkbooks.  Is Toyota killing the Land Cruiser?

The topic of the Podcast is a nightmare scenario in which Camping Word does not respond to emails, does not answer or respond to phone / voicemail and triple charges for part and body work compared to manufacturer guidelines and other body shops.  It’s so bad it doesn’t seem real.

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