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Episode 45 – Rhasalon

We interview the guys from Rhasalon. Listen to a new single, released today! Find out what those metal lyrics are really all about. Plus, learn what it’s like to be in a metal band. The guys have been together for 20 years and this latest release shows how they continue to reach for new heights ! Rhasalon is a heavy metal band from Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Influenced by some metal Gods, Rhasalon is writing its own story, making strong, raw but melodic music since it’s early days back in the early 2000’s, which can be heard on the two albums released by the band: The Lord of Darkness (2010) and doctor death (2016). In December of 2019 the band released the EP Dark Walls, with 3 new songs, giving the spark to start the celebration of the 20 years on the road! Today they release the 4th song “Madness” from this latest EP.

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