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Episode 50 – Financial Help During #coronavirus

How to get financial help in the auto industry (or any industry) during #coronavirusshutdown.  The management of the financial assistance programs for COVID-19 and coronavirus relief have been frustrating for business owners, to say the least.  What are all these terms:  PPP, SBA, AERA?  What is taking the banks so long?  We give you a possible scenario where this one thing ends up happening to the banks.  How baseball has a strategy to help us with #whatsgoingon.  We lay out some tips to protect yourself for what happens next.  One thing NOT TO DO.
In Part 2, strategies with your creditors.  We tell you some key words to use when talking with your lenders.  We give you a strategy to use with lenders that won’t make any concessions with you.  Things you need to know for mortgage help. List of banks and their current policies for debt relief.  Where to look for work / who’s hiring. 

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