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Episode 53 – In the Vacuum

People that fly drones irresponsibly ruin it for everyone.  They literally put self employed photographers out of business.  This guy that flew into the Blue Angels needs to be drawn and quartered.   Automotive plants are #openingbackup.  This is the vehicle Ford wanted everyone working on first.  New information on the Ford Mach e, including dates it will go on sale.  Ford does Ford have a faster charing system than Tesla?  #NASCAR is back.  Where are the fans?  Speaking of NASCAR, why isn’t one of the drivers being sponsored by this wildly popular product?  Is there a television sports conspiracy?  AERA – the professional mechanic’s Bat Phone (Batphone?).  

The #Dyson ev N526 is the first electric vehicle with solid state lithium batteries.  Did they cancel the car because hydrogen vehicles are coming?

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