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Everything We Saw at SEMA That’s Worth Talking About

This is not your Dad’s car show. Actually, calling SEMA a car show is like calling Disney World a playground. The SEMA Show is massive. Even more so when you add the AAPEX sister show down the street. We walked an average of ten miles a day and did not see it all in four days. Combining both shows covers everything from automotive tools and chemicals to engine components, custom car builds, manufacturer (OEM) reveals, and all the parts and accessories you could ever dream of, including air fresheners and roof top tents. It would take a team of industry veterans to weed through all the fuzzy dice and find the innovative, new, and news worthy stuff. Luckily, that’s what we did for you.

TL:DR watch the video below

People come to the show for a multitude of reasons. There’s the obvious eye candy in tight clothing – want an autographed poster of a girl you’ve never hear of? Check. There are custom builds. Many of which are months and years in the making. OEMs bring new car models for you to touch and drool on. Aftermarket companies showcase their versions of vehicles, made “better” by products you must have. The last category is smaller but worthy. It includes companies that bring innovative new products, pushing the envelope of possibilities. These are the things we loved the most.

If you’re a fan of the girls with personal flotation devices (and who isn’t really), this gallery should be of interest:

The content of the show has easily grown to over 50% overland, off-road, trucks, and camping. Gone are the days where exotics like Ferrari and Lamborghini ruled the show. If you like Jeeps, you had plenty to see and covet.

Jeeps and Tents

If there’s any doubt of the hunger for sport off road vehicles, look no further than the huge number of Bronco builds. Clearly Ford is playing their cards well to keep us all hungry for the new Bronco release. Even Jay Leno did a Bronco build.

Jay Leno’s 1968 Bronco Build

Finally, if you haven’t heard the story of Allyn Pierce and his Pandra from the California wildfires one year ago, be sure to check out our Podcast feed. He’s on next!

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