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FIXD Car Diagnostic: Is it Worth the Money?

I’ll just get right to it…..YES, It’s worth every penny!!! I’ll explain why.

First, before I go into the reasons why you should consider owning your own FIXD Sensor, you can follow this FIXD SENSOR link to purchase one.

I’ve been working in the Automotive Repair Industry in many capacities over the last 40 years, and I know one of the biggest fears of the consumer is getting ripped off for unnecessary repairs. Just be mindful that not ALL shops or technicians are rip offs, however there are some that are. Typically through many consumer resources you can weed out those bad apples and get to a reliable, knowledgeable & trustworthy repair shop. I have always been one to advocate getting to know your Auto Repair Technician just like you would your Primary Care Physician! Once you have found your “Primary Care Auto Technician”, make sure you hang onto them and tell others about your positive experiences. Word of mouth has a strong impact in the repair industry and your word carries a lot of weight!

Over a year ago out of necessity, my podcasting partner Keith decided to purchase the FIXD Sensor for each of us based on what FIXD claimed the sensor could do. We both experienced the dreaded “Check Engine Light” on many occasions throughout the year and discussed quite regularly on our weekly podcast “The Counter Show” the high costs involved when taking your vehicle into a repair shop for diagnosis, only to have them advise you it was a minor repair that you could have addressed yourself saving you time and money $$. The typical cost to have your OBD II stored codes accessed, deciphered and to advise you of the repair procedure and estimate costs involved, can range $80.00-$140.00 and in some shops even higher. That’s just to tell you what what the problem is whether you choose to do it yourself or have them perform repair for you. If you are the type of person who can work on your own vehicle, the FIXD sensor can save you money and pay for itself the first time you detect a problem.

The FIXD Sensor in combination with its downloadable App that works with your smartphone, to include Apple OS and Android, is very intuitive and a cinch to set up in just 3 easy steps. To find out how easy, check out this setup video we posted on our YouTube Channel and then another recent Live Demonstration Video where Keith detected an error code on a Toyota Avalon after the “Check Engine Light” came on. In that instance, the owner of the vehicle was able to repair the problem himself with just his time and the cost of the faulty component(s) saving him hundreds of $$.

How does it work? Well…. you simply download the free app from the Google Play or the Apple store on your smartphone. Next, plug your FIXD sensor into the OBD II port on your vehicle which is usually located on the driver’s side under the dashboard. FIXD can then securely connect to your smartphone with your Bluetooth enabled in order to transmit live data about your vehicle, including translating any detected error codes into plain English for you! FIXD works with all gas-powered vehicles built after 1996 and diesel vehicles made after 2008. All you need is an OBD-II port, which was made standard for gas-powered cars and trucks in 1996. To learn more about OBD II, Check out our OBD II Part 1 and OBD II Part 2 Video Podcast over on our YouTube Channel.

There are no hidden costs involved once you purchase the Sensor however you can purchase FIXD Premium at an additional cost. FIXD Premium gives you access to everything in the free app, plus additional advanced features that puts you in complete control of diagnosing, maintaining or repairing your vehicle. Some of the additional features within FIXD Premium are a Mechanic Hotline, Confirmed Fix and Costs, Emission Pre-Check and more!

To find out more, check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions. Otherwise, purchase one for yourself and join thousands of others taking control of their repairs or just simply identifying the problem prior to taking it into your technician giving yourself peace of mind with no surprises or potential rip offs!

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid advertisement. Keith and Jay purchased this sensor for personal use and have had positive results!

2 thoughts on “FIXD Car Diagnostic: Is it Worth the Money?

  1. I own a cheap code reader and it does the job. But your article doesn’t mention why it’s better than the average code reader. Yeah, we know it can help you diagnose the car problem and potentially save you money….but fill us in a little more. Plus some auto parts places have free code readers….so unless you use the reader a lot ….the return on investment might not be so great.

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