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Operation Love Thy Neighbor

Many of us are without work during #COVID-19. Some for the first time in their lives. We’re asking our viewers, listeners and readers to help your neighbors. Each video features a different person, but all of them need our help. We get through this together.

What should you do if you need a hair cut, color, style, perm etc and you’re #stuckathome during the #lockdown? Better yet, should you be getting a hair cut during coronavirus shutdown? Want to help someone out in the salon industry that can’t work? Watch to find out how. We’re featuring neighbors that have a story and need your help in a segment we call “Operation Love Thy Neighbor.” Here’s the link to buy hair care products (and support Tori)

Here is the link to Help Josh Kelley by buying his book or requesting his services as a speaker or a writing coach. You can also support Josh by purchasing his book here and watch his segment below.

In Segment three of “Operation Love Thy Neighbor” we talk to Union Tavern owner Joe and our good friend Rothmeyer about the state of the Bar and Restaurant industry during the COVID-19 Shutdown. We get into how difficult it is trying to get the Small Business Relief that has been promised to all small businesses that apply. We also discussed how you can help them out buy purchaisng gift cards, food to go and merchandise online. Follow this link to Union Tavern Local 902 to help them out. Check out the video below. Here are a few other links to follow them on Social Media.

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