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How to make your YouTube Profile Public (we use this for drawings and giveaways)

Make your channel subscriptions public or private (direct link to Google’s help article here)

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. In the top right, click your profile picture .
  3. Click Settings . 
  4. In the left menu, select Privacy.
  5. Under “Likes and subscriptions,” check or uncheck the box for Keep all my subscriptions private.
  6. Click Save.

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Below are items / things / stuff we’ve talked about on the Podcast
From Episode 51 – Stop Hoarding TP and Buy a Car


Dude Wipes (toilet paper alternative)

Marquinhos’s video (his wife wrote the lyrics)

Jay’s hat – peace love and happy hour

From Episode 50 – Coronavirus Financial Help


From Episode 49 – My Truck


From News 3/28/20

An emergency room physician writes from the COVID-19 front lines

Dude Wipes (toilet paper alternative)


From Live Stream “Work From Home” on 3/26/20

Dude Wipes (toilet paper alternative)

Disney Circle:


From Episode 47, The Pop Song Professor

Jay – Dark Side of the Moon

Keith – Mozart: the Marriage of Figaro

Clifford – The Beatles : 1


The Pop Song Professor on YouTube

College Hacked on YouTube

From Episode 46, Bronco II

Check out this AWESOME, retro 66 Bronco T-Shirt

From Episode 44, Actor Marlon Young

No better way to enjoy a book written by Marlon, than to have him read it to you:

While you’re listening, have some Geechie Boy Grits


From the Live Stream #SuperMonday


From Episode 43, The Pop Song Professor

InCarTan (our Sponsor)

The Pixies (band)

From Episode 42, We Told You So

Wifi 6 (802.11ax) Routers

The Amplifi Alien.


Hex Bugs here!


Depression Help for the Holidays

If you’ve seen our video short on holiday depression, we mentioned coming here for contact info.  Please consider talking with someone as your FIRST option.  We have an ask us a question link on the website if you want to talk.

From Episode 41, Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts:

Some of Rothmeyer’s favorites

Also, visit the HumanGear store on Amazon.

From Episode 40, The Pandra:

Every hero needs a soundtrack.  Allyn used this one to get people through the flash (but skipped Ashes).



From Episode 35, Rothmeyer:


Rothmeyer’s (soon to be famous) camping juice recipe:

  • 2oz bourbon
  • 1oz Campari (or other bitter)
  • 1oz sweet vermouth
From Episode 32, Sammy or Dave:

From Episode 29:
Apple Macbook Pro Battery Recall – Details here


The Alamo Story:


From Episode 26, The Trailer:
Keith’s RV Grill

From Episode 21, Lawn Mowers:
Electrics / battery powered (1/4 acre to 1/2 acre)

chart to convert acres to sq feet Acres to square feet (1 : 43560)

Gas powered

From Episode 20, Current Events:

Books on the murder  mystery of Meriweather Lewis

An interesting and compelling article can also be found here.

From Episode 18, Generators:

Keith’s dashcam:

Generators / Battery Powered:

Watt / Amp meter to measure how much power your device needs:

Gasoline generator / inverters:


Whole home / standby generator:

Hour Meter:

Sound Source** dB(A) Estimate†
Refrigerator 50
Air Conditioner 50-75
Dishwasher 55-70
Vacuum Cleaner 60-85
TV Audio 70
Flush Toilet 75-85
Doorbell, Ringing Telephone 80
Heavy Traffic, Noisy Restaurant 85
Crying Baby, Leaf Blower 110
Jet Plane (at ramp) 120

* Sound levels may vary based on proximity and location; measured at ¼ load at 7 meters from control panel side.
** Measurement information, i.e. proximity and location to source, is not noted at source and may not be equal to 7 meters.
† “Common Environmental Noise Levels.” Center for Hearing and Communication. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2015.

From Episode 17, The Internet:

Whole Home Wifi / Mesh Networking


Check your Internet Speed

From Episode 14, Part 2, Car Wash:


Get The Right Kit For Your Job !!

From Episode 11, Union Tavern. Jay’s Favorite Watering Hole:

One of the many taverns located in Anacortes, WA that is in the center of all activities during the 38th Annual Oyster Run. See Link:

From Episode 11, Wipers:

Also, a sizing guide from Denso for (Asian vehicles) wiper blades

From Episode 8, OBD II Part 2:

The Book, Living with a SEAL

From Episode 7, OBD II Part 1:

From Episode 3, Holiday Gifts for Car Enthusiasts:


GM Active Fuel Management Disabler: