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From Episode 26, The Trailer:
Keith’s RV Grill


From Episode 21, Lawn Mowers:
Electrics / battery powered (1/4 acre to 1/2 acre)

chart to convert acres to sq feet Acres to square feet (1 : 43560)

Gas powered

From Episode 20, Current Events:

Books on the murder  mystery of Meriweather Lewis

An interesting and compelling article can also be found here.

From Episode 18, Generators:

Keith’s dashcam:

Generators / Battery Powered:

Watt / Amp meter to measure how much power your device needs:

Gasoline generator / inverters:


Whole home / standby generator:

Hour Meter:

Sound Source** dB(A) Estimate†
Refrigerator 50
Air Conditioner 50-75
Dishwasher 55-70
Vacuum Cleaner 60-85
TV Audio 70
Flush Toilet 75-85
Doorbell, Ringing Telephone 80
Heavy Traffic, Noisy Restaurant 85
Crying Baby, Leaf Blower 110
Jet Plane (at ramp) 120

* Sound levels may vary based on proximity and location; measured at ¼ load at 7 meters from control panel side.
** Measurement information, i.e. proximity and location to source, is not noted at source and may not be equal to 7 meters.
† “Common Environmental Noise Levels.” Center for Hearing and Communication. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2015.

From Episode 17, The Internet:

Whole Home Wifi / Mesh Networking


Check your Internet Speed

From Episode 14, Part 2, Car Wash:


Get The Right Kit For Your Job !!

From Episode 11, Union Tavern. Jay’s Favorite Watering Hole:

One of the many taverns located in Anacortes, WA that is in the center of all activities during the 38th Annual Oyster Run. See Link:

From Episode 11, Wipers:

Also, a sizing guide from Denso for (Asian vehicles) wiper blades

From Episode 8, OBD II Part 2:

The Book, Living with a SEAL

From Episode 7, OBD II Part 1:

From Episode 3, Holiday Gifts for Car Enthusiasts:


GM Active Fuel Management Disabler: