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Stop Hoarding TP and Buy a Car ?.?.!?.

Who’s opening back up in the auto industry?  Cross country travel – have you considered this one thing?  Is there opportunity during #shutdown?  Jay invents a new rest area bathroom style to work with #COVID-19.  These companies are making MORE during coronavirus. Also, has it occurred to anyone that cars are in shorter supply than TP right now?  Cars are literally NOT BEING MADE, and yet, we have the TP crisis.  Is this a good time to buy a car? NASCAR is resuming racing, but with this change.  What does the car buying experience look like now?  Dealers are begging you to buy, but here are their tricks.  Nissan’s sweet incentive – should you take the bait?  We tell you how the buying experience happens on the car lot now, and what the expectations are.  There’s an interesting leverage shift happening with the car buying process.  We pitch a new product to @ChemicalGuys.  Jay has some life changing pen advice for you.  Could Coronavirus kill the auto unions? Why are some auto repair shops busier than usual right now?  Veterinary offices – we have great idea that uses some NERF equipment.  Listen up NERF – we have an idea for you!!!  The Skidshot TP shooter – the most expensive ammo on the planet (TP).  Ford is cancelling the Rivian Skateboard Truck.  Do you know what “safety stock” is?  The latest on the 2020 SEMA show.  We discuss the way MotoAmerica is handling events that might be good for other sports to follow.  Jay tells you where to get Sammy Hagar’s hat from the Lockdown sessions.

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