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The New Mid-Engine Corvette C8 is Not Your Dad’s Vette (and it may not be for you either)

Let’s face it, for a very long time, Corvette owners possessed a certain stigma. If you were seen driving one, there’s a chance your were recently divorced, fighting a mid-life crisis, suffering from ED, losing your hair, and so on. One of my favorite celebrity personalities in the auto world, Adam Carolla, frequently says that the stereotype won’t stick if there isn’t some level of truth tied to it (try starting one that goes, “those Germans suck at making cars.”).

The Stereotypical Corvette owners

I just got back from the 25th Anniversary event at the National Corvette Museum, where I swear I was the youngest person in attendance, and I’m in my 40s. The evening concert featured Jefferson Airplane / Starship, who were literally at Woodstock. I’m half way through my life people and I was the “kid” at this event. Think about that.

The Folks at GM have apparently been thinking about it. Like, a lot. Also at the event were six 2020 mid-engine Corvette C8 models. Let me tell you, this car is nothing like its previous generations. It’s 100% a poster car my son would hang on his bedroom wall next to the LaFerrari and the Mclaren. Heck, current Corvette owners can barely get in one. If you don’t believe me, watch the video.

Not one younger person to be found..

I’ve said it before on the Podcast, this is the first new Corvette I would buy. Even if the performance specs (which no one outside GM has officially seen yet) end up being just OK, it’s still a game changer. It’s highly unlikely it will be mediocre though. This is the first mid-engine automobile with super car performance for under $100,000. In fact, it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to see a new Corvette priced over 100K sitting on a dealer lot any time soon. Sure you can order a special one, but most of them won’t cost that much.

Poster Car

For those of you unfamiliar with the reasoning behind putting the engine near the center of the vehicle, it tends to balance the car better, which translates to better handling, especially on the track or at higher speeds.

GM is now targeting people like me. Someone who has never owned a Chevy product. Someone who wants a “fun” car that can be serviced without having a required Belle Meade address. They did their homework. They’re willing to make some changes. These are all good things. Grandpa doesn’t need 495 horsepower. His reaction times are too slow and he’s going to hurt himself trying to get in and out anyway. There’s a new performance car on the market. It’s priced within reach for many. It will keep up with the big boys on the track, and it’s ‘Murican.

Our first look at the 2020 C8

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