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VIN locations on popular vehicles

We’ve previously discussed the importance of your VIN.  If you need to know where to find it, this article may help.

For most modern cars and light trucks in the US, the VIN is stamped on the driver side dash, visible from the outside of the vehicle, and also on the driver side door jamb.  There may also be a VIN stamp under the hood.





You can see the VIN on the sticker inside the driver side door on this Nissan Truck.





On older vehicles, locations will vary.  Take this old Corvette Stingray for example.  There is no VIN on the dash.  Instead, GM chose to hide the VIN in the glove box.  There’s also a stamp on the frame, but age may be a factor, with rust causing the one on the frame to be difficult or impossible to read.













What about exotic cars?  For the most part, if they’re less than 30 years old, the locations will be the same as common passenger cars.  Take this Lotus for example.









OK, so how about motorcycles?  If it has two wheels, there’s a good chance you’ll find the VIN high on the front forks, as pictured here.














ATVs, watercraft, side by sides (UTVs) and other power sports vehicles all have VINS.  They’re usually under the seat, or on the frame behind one of the front wheels as pictured here.





If you’re still not sure where to find your VIN or you have a particularly odd situation, drop us a line.  We’d love to hear from you.

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