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Yes, Nissan Made a Titan XD Dually. No, you can’t have it.

At the Las Vegas SEMA Show this week, Nissan showed up in a big way. There was the one-off Time Attack 370Z (she’s a beauty), there were NISMO versions of vehicles like the Kicks, and then there was this thing.

The Nissan Titan XD Dually you can’t have

The black, custom built Titan XD Dually, which Nissan describes as “in between” a 1/2 ton class and a 3/4 ton class, was created by Z1 Motorsports. If you’re a Nissan Truck fan, you should be drooling. The promo video playing behind it, was shot in a rock quarry and looks like something out of an action movie where the hero is having his truck delivered.

But here’s the thing – in perhaps the biggest WTF moment of the SEMA show, Nissan decided to pull all press and media materials on the Titan. We have this truck sitting here on display and pools of drool building up around it but no details whatsoever. None of the Nissan reps wanted to dive into details. The best info we could confirm was that Nissan corporate yanked the media the week before the show but still allowed the truck to show up.

It’s like they wanted to kill the truck publicly, in front of tens of thousands of auto enthusiasts and let us watch their very expensive, very bad ass (for a Nissan) head turner die a slow death on the show floor. No one was allowed to step in and help. It’s like in the movies where the villain ties you up, shoots your best friend in the leg while you watch and then the other leg, and then the arm, and eventually its just nothing but overwhelming pain as you watch in horror.

Nissan – why even bring the truck to the show if you know you’re pulling it and killing the project? That’s a dirty trick. It also makes everyone think the stories about all the chaos going on behind the curtain at Nissan Corporate are true and that maybe things are not going well over there in Tennessee.

Always bet on black

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